New Value. New Markets.

Our technology helps partners differentiate themselves in the increasingly competitive digital printing market. How?

Simple. With an entirely new class of color-speed printers that deliver on the promises of speed and energy-efficiency at half the cost of traditional color print options. This allows partners to provide new value for customers and create new markets.

Our components-based technology approach enables partners with little or no existing printing technology to enter the digital print and imaging market on a level playing field. We also enable established OEM brands to leverage this game-changing technology to catalyze future growth and further differentiate in the marketplace.

To support our OEM brand partners, we provide:

  • TECHNOLOGY SUPPORT. We assist with design and with manufacturing partners to integrate Memjet components into printers by providing technology tools and expertise during the design and development process.

  • PRODUCT SUPPORT. We provide consulting on product specification recommendations, design and manufacturing partner introductions.

  • MARKETING CONSULTING. We offer our experience in market strategy, research & analysis, and product marketing as well as sales/channel and market development approaches.

Value Proposition

With Memjet-powered printers, OEM partners can become significant players in the printing market.

With Memjet technologies, OEM partners can realize significant economic potential in a broad range of product and market segments, while capitalizing on the biggest printing technology breakthrough in more than two decades. OEM brands benefit from the time-to-market advantage and Memjet’s clear technology value differentiation.