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Have a new print solution in mind? Discover how Memjet can help you build print solutions that leverage your technology strengths and assets, penetrate new markets, and create market differentiation and growth.

Memjet® core technologies enable fast, cost-effective, high-quality digital printing systems for a wide-range of applications. We work with partners to determine the appropriate design and development approach, as well as a winning business model that drives our mutual success.

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for our OEM brand partners we provide:


We assist with design and with manufacturing partners to integrate Memjet® components into printers by providing technology tools and expertise during the design and development process.


We provide technical support for field escalations and quality issues related to Memjet® manufactured components in Memjet-powered devices.


We offer our experience in market strategy, research & analysis, and product marketing as well as sales/channel and market development approaches.

Value Proposition

With Memjet-powered printers, OEM partners can deliver significant value to the printing market.

With Memjet® technologies, OEM partners can realize significant economic potential in a broad range of product and market segments. Capitalize quickly on your strategic potential and your product strategy with Memjet® technology. Memjet's OEM brands benefit from the time-to-market advantage and Memjet's clear technology value differentiation.

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