Opening New Markets in Packaging

George Moretti

George Moretti

The Memjet team recently got the chance to meet with George Moretti. He’s the dynamic partner of Innovative Integrated Solutions (IIS), a packaging and fulfillment company located in upstate New York.

IIS recently purchased the Memjet-powered Xante Excelagraphix 4800 to produce customized, short-run packaging for their clients. George says the solution has helped the company expand the range of services they offer to existing clients, while helping them grow into markets they had never considered before.

For example, IIS can now customize smaller boxes that normal corrugated equipment cannot produce. This means IIS can now offer a wide variety of smaller, low-quantity, customized boxes – everything from pizza boxes to moving boxes.

He says, “We now produce customized packaging for almost every client we do fulfillment for. It’s a tremendous value-add that we can offer at a very minimal cost. We’re giving them a superior package that better represents their product.”

Hear more of George’s story and learn more about how easy and effective it is to add short-run customized packaging to your range of services:

Innovative Integrated Solutions – Success from Memjet on Vimeo.