Coronavirus Update from Len Lauer

By: Len Lauer, CEO Memjet

These are challenging times for many people.

We hope that everyone in the Memjet community – our partners, employees, customers, end-users and their families – are safe and healthy.

The COVID-19 virus has impacted Memjet’s business, and indeed the market in general.

I wanted to take a moment to update you on these areas and the work we are doing to address any potential issues.

Supply Chain & Memjet Offices

To start, Memjet is a global company.

So we continually monitor our offices around the world, our manufacturing sites, and our suppliers to learn if and how the COVID-19 virus is affecting the people who work in these areas.

We also keep a close eye on the impact the virus has on these operations.

Our factories and warehouses in Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, and Hong Kong all have employee health monitoring in place.

Our upstream supply base is geographically diverse. In Malaysia we have a short term challenge as the government has closed all factories until March 31.  I am happy to report that nearly all of the suppliers in China have returned to work and are reporting adjusted delivery dates for outstanding orders.

Our Memjet team is proactively communicating these adjusted dates with our partners and working with them to address any issues.

As for our global offices, we continue to comply with recommendations from the respective local and national governments.

We encourage employees to follow those guidelines and to do what is best for them and their families.

At this point, no Memjet employee has contracted the virus, and my goal is to do all we can as an organization to keep our global team of employees and their families safe.

Print Industry Impact

Clearly, the impact of the virus goes beyond just Memjet.

The industry has certainly had to adjust to this rapidly changing situation.

We’ve always been excited for drupa, but this year felt especially important when advances in inkjet technology – led by Memjet – have created solutions with the potential to disrupt the market.

So will the postponement of drupa – and all the other global events, seminars, and other learning opportunities – leave the market without access to the information needed to make decisions for their business?

More importantly, can the momentum the industry has built in recent years be sustained during these postponements?

We say, yes. And we are committed to making that happen.

Memjet is working on an alternative, safer ways to share information with the print community. Our plans are evolving but look for more information on our blog and social channels as they develop.

In the end, if there is one thing we know about our industry, it is that it is resilient. It has seen its share of change and has been able to adapt.

The virus may slow us down, but it can’t stop the momentum of an industry that’s evolving and growing the way print is.

Message of Hope

In closing, I hope your families are safe and healthy and urge you all to take care of yourself and each other.

I look forward to a time in the near future when we can join together and celebrate our work in this industry.