Inkjet Printing Innovations Highlighted at IMI Conferences

If there’s one thing those in the printing industry agree on it’s that the pace of change keeps getting faster. That’s why events like the IMI Digital Print Conference and the IMI Inkjet Printing Conference, being held this week in San Diego, are so important to the development of innovative print solutions. By bringing together industry leaders for a discussion on the ideas, trends, and topics driving the industry, IMI’s conferences help to define the inkjet opportunity of today and provide a roadmap for the future.


The Forefront of Inkjet Printing

For more than 25 years, the IMI Digital Print Conference and the IMI Inkjet Printing Conference have been the leading technical conference in the inkjet industry. The IMI Digital Print Conference gives attendees the opportunity to learn about successful product implementations, market entry and expansion, technology and utilization.

This year, the event will include the following three distinct conferences:

  • IMI Digital Packaging Conference 2018
  • IMI Security Printing Conference 2018
  • IMI Understanding Inkjet Ink Conference 2018

At the IMI Inkjet Printing Conference, attendees will receive market briefings from leading analysts, updates from industry pacesetters, and new technology introductions from inkjet innovators.


Inkjet Thought Leaders

Memjet will be conducting the following two presentations at the IMI Digital Packaging Conference and IMI Inkjet Conference, respectfully:

Gianluigi HeadshotMeeting the Needs of Packaging Market Segments with a Modular Inkjet Platform

Whether its folding carton, corrugated, labels or flexible packaging, each segment of the inkjet packaging market has its own requirements and challenges. At this presentation, Gianluigi Rankin, director of product marketing at Memjet, will discuss those challenges and will educate attendees on how a new modular printing technology is creating new opportunities in high-volume packaging segments.


Tom HeadshotA Systems Approach to Integrating Digital Inkjet: Memjet’s DuraLink System

Memjet’s vice president of engineering, Tom Roetker, will lead this presentation discussing the company’s latest printing technology called DuraLink. Roetker will examine how the flexible systems approach of DuraLink enables OEMs to develop innovative, cost-effective solutions that bring high-quality inkjet printing to high-volume print markets.


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Even if you can’t attend the IMI Conferences, you can still access the information you need to better understand the inkjet opportunity.

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