Rediscovering the Value of Direct Mail Marketing in the Digital Age

Today’s average consumer is exposed to hundreds of advertisements with every web search. Over-exposure paired with decreasing attention spans-  just eight seconds for the average online consumer-  can be difficult to get your message to the forefront of their mind.

So how does a business break through the clutter and extend those eight seconds? The answer lies in an integrated marketing campaign with new printing technology to create an engaging consumer experience.

Despite the digital direction of today’s world, direct mail is still highly effective in driving business and directing consumer behavior.

As much as 50 percent of U.S. consumers said they prefer direct mail to email.

Unlike email, direct mail can’t be easily deleted or ignored. Over 70 percent of consumers open most of their mail, including advertisements, and more than 80 percent of direct mail is read for a minute or longer.

Direct mail is also thought to be one of the most trusted adverting channels across generations helping to transform consumer engagement into buying action.        Envelope tool

Over 56 percent of direct mail recipients visit a promoted website or take the time to visit an in-store location.

So, how do you ensure your direct mail is engaged with and earns you a positive ROI?

Register now for the up-coming FREE webinar, “Going Beyond the #10 Envelope- How to Design Direct Mail to Maximize Revenue”. Attendees will be informed on a range of elements important in creating effective direct mail including:

-maximizing inkjet technology in the direct mail world

-innovative and engaging mail piece features:  shape cut, color enhancements, full bleed, windowed envelopes, and varying dimensions

-selecting the most effective direct mail type for your targeted demographics

-capitalizing on business opportunities using in-house envelope printing

Join Us in a conversation with Modern Postcard- a full-service direct marketing company -to learn the tools and strategies you need to utilize direct mail and create successful campaigns.

Date: June 27, 2017

Time: 2:00 PM ET/11:00 AM PT

Duration: 60 mins, no cost to attend