Challenge Breeds Creativity

Over the years, Memjet has put extensive resources into ensuring all its groups worked together in a coordinated way so our OEM partners could receive the technology, components, and support they need in a rapid and effective manner.

The pandemic has, at times, challenged our efforts. But we have not wavered in our mission to ensure the continuity of supply for printing technology which gives OEM partners the power to create a new breed of innovative printing solutions. Additionally, our engineering teams have adjusted to these uncertain times and implemented alternative methods for providing the same level of support to our OEM partners in a simple, affordable, and expedient way.

Three critical areas of support have been impacted and transformed. The results thus far uncover some unforeseen advantages that will keep some of these practices in place even after the pandemic has subsided.

Technical Training

One of the unique benefits of working with Memjet is the engineering support that is provide to our partners – from in-depth training on our technology to design reviews, development support and integration. A lot of this time was traditionally spent face-to-face at either the Memjet facility or at a partner’s facility.

At the onset of the pandemic, step-by-step technical documentation and videos were quickly developed for remote training sessions which relied heavily on video conferencing technologies and new digital resources.

Although some of the in-person touch that comes with meeting face-to-face has been lost, the remote sessions certainly have provided some advantages such as the time and costs savings from lack of travel. Additionally, the new schedule allowed for shorter sessions over multiple days without specific time restraints. Engineers from different disciplines have been able to pick the sessions that applied to them to attend. Previously, it was challenging for OEMs to send multiple engineers from different disciplines to these training sessions. Flexibility across the board has been critical for all stakeholders along the way.

Product Integration and Installation

When OEMs are ready to integrate Memjet’s printing modules into their solution, our teams traditionally would work together in-person at the OEM’s facility.

Using the new detailed step-by-step technical documentation along with live remote support has enabled a new process. To this end, our OEM’s willingness and understanding has been a key success factor. This area was the most challenging one for our team because so much of it was planned to take place live and hands-on.Nowadays, these remote sessions provide some added flexibility for convenient meeting times and ease of rescheduling. For instance, when previously on-site and it was determined that a technical challenge was going to take a few days to resolve, a second visit needed to be scheduled. Now with remote sessions, we can simply press pause and resume when the teams are ready, a win-win for all.

Trouble Shooting & Support

Prior to the pandemic, Memjet was working on changes to its technology software to enable access to more information remotely and simply. Memjet Cloud Services (MCS) was launched to provide the ability to monitor products in the field, and it proved a great asset for remote support of our partners during this time.

Previously, we had to plan ahead and allow time for travel before we could get to an OEM’s site to review, but that has been replaced by remote triaging using MCS and remote desktop software to access onsite computers as if we were there in person. 

100% Success

The combination of our new documentation resources, along with video conferencing, and remote desktop tools have made it possible for us to complete all product integrations successfully and to commission a number of systems 100% remotely over the last few months.

The modular nature of Memjet technology works in harmony – like a symphony – to deliver beautiful precision, simplicity, and affordability. Combined with support from Memjet’s global engineering team, it speeds up development and integration time so OEMs can focus on getting their printing solutions to market faster and more affordably regardless of the pandemic or other challenges. It is a key reason why Memjet as a technology provider and innovation partner as a source of growth is so important right now.

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