Printing Services in a Unique Election Year

As a result of these historic times full of huge uncertainty and significant health concerns, this coming 2020 U.S. Election Season is sure to be unique as the ongoing conditions drive changes in the voting process. This has great potential to favorably impact print service providers as sources of production and supply of multiple size envelopes with variable data, often in short runs and on demand.

So, what is the best printing technology for print providers to grow during this time? The answer is simple – inkjet printers make-up for the shortcomings of traditional offset, old toner, and costly outsourcing solutions because they give users the flexibility to make personalized envelope printing part of their just-in-time production process. Furthermore, inkjet printing solutions Powered by Memjet are optimized for speed and higher-quality printing with the durability required for today’s direct mail.

These solutions are also available at a lower cost, and provide the key benefits of improved flexibility, increased printing effectiveness, and revenue growth – the benefits the market needs to come out of this crisis on top, which is critical.

Memjet Technology Makes an Impact at Michigan Election Resource

Michigan Election Resources casts their vote for iJetColor Pro to keep up with the demands of this unique election season. “It’s been amazing for low-yield jobs, different envelopes, quantities, and sizes with easy changeover.”

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The iJetColor Pro Powered by Memjet is a perfect example of how inkjet print technology can deliver thousands of direct mail pieces and election ballots for fast and easy on-demand printing with the option to print full color, full bleed, variable data imaging at 2x the speed and 1/3 of the cost of other digital print solutions.

Key to Success in Moving Forward

Memjet’s passion for innovation and the desire to change the printing industry is unwavering as we empower our OEM partners and their customers to grow and succeed in new markets well into the future.

Technological developments, combined with the innovation and resilience of those who work in the industry, ensure a future where the print industry thrives.

Powered by Memjet printing technology solutions have all the features that will be critical in the recovery from the current crisis.

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