Never Waste a Good Opportunity

By: Algon van Woensel, General Sales Manager EMEA at Printing Innovation


We are all affected by the consequences of the COVID19 crisis – suppliers, distributors and end users, all are facing the dramatic effects of the lockdowns in most European countries and all over the world.

Today, it is hard to plan for the unexpected and very difficult to make the right decisions with so many unknowns. Yet, we strongly believe that this situation is bringing us good opportunities too!

However, we must keep doing business and stay visible in order to take advantage of those opportunities. We also shouldn’t be afraid to make the tough decisions – as we have to. And this has to happen now!

The show must go on

As Winston Churchill once said, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”

So, here are some ideas based on trends that are getting a lot of attention in the label and packaging sector. This may help you in developing business growth into possible new markets.

Technology focus:

  1. Minimal label waste for the brand owner and converter – learn how the iCube can help.
  2. Brand protection – take on counterfeiting measures.
  3. Smart labels – when to follow the hype and when to keep it simple.
  4. The role of labels in circular packaging – how can you contribute to a better lifecycle?
  5. Design innovation – is technology keeping up?
  6. Health and safety – what to watch for from here on out?

Applications focus:

  1. Wine labels – luxury or commodity – make the label match the wine and its audience.
  2. Craft beer labels — personalized + small batches. Evaluate how to make that profitable and stimulate user demand.
  3. What’s new in big volume, low cost labels? Identify which labels generate money whilst others that show off your creativity/technical expertise.
  4. Bio – COVID19 is boosting sales for local farmers. Identify how to accommodate their needs.

The Value of Digital Printing During the Pandemic

As the pandemic has kept us in our homes, the growth in eCommerce is underway – and just-in-time customized digital printed labels and packaging become even more important.

Right now, the package is the main connection a brand has with a consumer. So, it needs to include messages and images that engage and delight the consumer. Digital printing is the perfect solution for this type of creative engagement as it gives the provider just-in-time printing efficiencies plus better control of their inventory which is critical in these days of uncertain supply chains.


Ink seems to be getting a lot of attention these days. Here is a nice educational piece done by Labels and Labeling publication. Specifically in regards to food labelling, there is a significant amount of confusion on inks. Choosing a water-based ink free from toxic and reactive chemistries does make it safer for the earth and the people handling them which can be an essential differentiator for food contact materials compliance. An article produced last year called The Right Ink for the Right Label did well in Germany and the US, and it may be handy elsewhere.

Cross Over of Opportunity

Low-cost digital printers are giving providers a new way of expanding their business beyond just what they had to offer in the past. For example, a printer that focused on label production can acquire an affordable digital package printer and expand their services into packaging, thus creating a powerful combo offer for these new COVID19 e-commerce times.

Flexible Packaging

Flexible packaging today is one of the global printing industry’s biggest growth areas. We have observed that narrow and mid-web label converters are increasingly taking advantage of this profitable opportunity. And, last year at Labelexpo Europe flexible packaging arenas were introduced that got a lot of attention.

In the midst of these challenging times, there are a lot of opportunities but how do you make the move? The market needs more education on the topic.

We are hopeful that the suggestions above will give you some new ideas to better educate and equip yourselves to ensure stability or growth for your business even during this global pandemic.

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