The Next Big Thing In Printing Is Here

Inkjet, which was once called “the next big thing” in printing, has finally come into its own. Memjet and other partners announced strategic partnerships that will expand distribution and access to inkjet-powered solutions across the globe.

But if inkjet printing technology is really changing the industry, we need to be sure that the positive impact goes beyond the events and corporate deals. The value of inkjet printing must be capitalized in the printer’s operation.

Earlier this year, SGIA commissioned NAPCO Research, the publisher of company of Printing Impressions magazine, to create a study to explore the impact of inkjet. They contacted more than 700 commercial, direct-mail, in-plant, publication, and transaction printers to identify their firsthand experiences, challenges, and rewards regarding production inkjet printing technologies.

The study confronted many unanswered questions, such as: Who is really adopting these solutions? Why did they adopt them? And, most importantly, what results are they experiencing with the solution?

The results tell a positive story.

When asked why they considered adopting an inkjet printer, survey respondents said they were “looking for something our current technology wasn’t providing.” 

That “something” varied widely among the market segments but included “faster run speeds,” “more personalization capabilities,” and “smaller print runs.”

In general, printers found “deploying production inkjet printing technologies expanded their capabilities, enabling them to generate new business opportunities, reduce their costs per job, and deliver more consistent color job-to-job.”

86% of inkjet adopters are satisfied or very satisfied with their move to inkjet.

The research found that, overall, printers in all segments are very happy with their investment. A majority, 86 percent, report being “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with their move to inkjet. When adding in the responses that were “neutral,” the percentage grew to 99 percent.

The survey also found that for some companies, production inkjet provided much-needed revenue.

More To Inkjet Research to Come

In the weeks ahead, we’ll be providing more insight into this research and what inkjet printing technology means for your business.