DuraLink – The First 100 Days

By: Len Lauer, Chairman & CEO, Memjet

When Memjet launched DuraLink at PRINT 17, we felt proud of the work we put into developing the technology. We had made significant enhancements to four key areas: printhead life, ink, modularity, and data path.Today, just over 100 days after the debut of DuraLink, I am pleased to say that the response from all corners of the industry has been very positive.

Clearly, DuraLink addresses a need in the marketplace that has not been met. It fits squarely in the midst of commercial requirements, whether it be in general commercial printing or packaging, which includes labels, corrugated board, and folding cartons.

Because of DuraLink, Memjet is talking to a wider range of OEM partners, including several tier-one partners. Since the launch, we’ve had multiple meetings with more than seventy-five potential OEM partners. These meetings go beyond the passing conversation; they are serious discussions taking place at various stages of the OEM recruitment and development process.

DuraLink Image

We know that there are certain features and technical attributes of the technology that will not meet the needs of every application. But we have yet to have somebody say, “This isn’t viable; it’s the wrong technology.”  Everybody has said, “You know, you’ve got something here. It’s interesting. It’s exciting.” And if they don’t incorporate it, they want to know more because they say they know they’ll end up competing with it.

Our partners will dictate the timelines for any partnership and product announcements. Many of the partners we talk to say that they will have a solution—or at least an announcement—by the end of the year. Given the pace of the conversations and the development, I believe this is a realistic goal.


Keep an eye out for what happens in the next 100 days.

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Memjet’s Eric Owen recently sat down with Printing Impressions Editor Mark Michelson to talk more about DuraLink’s first 100 days. You can read the full interview here.

DuraLink is Memjet’s next generation pigment-based inkjet printing technology. This technology builds on the success of our existing VersaPass dye-based technology.

For more technical details on the DuraLink technology, download the DuraLink white paper.

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