Boost Printing Productivity through Automated Workflow

OEM partners around the globe are using Memjet digital printing technologies to deliver higher resolution, faster print speeds, and lower costs than have ever been possible with inkjet printing.

A key component of every commercial or industrial printing solution is the raster image processor (RIP).

The RIP can either be simply embedded into the firmware of the print solution or be a sophisticated software and hardware solution.

Some of the main benefits that a RIP provides include:

  • The ability to create profiles for specific print substrates to achieve consistent and accurate color
  • Spot color management for precise brand color matching
  • Easy file positioning and manipulation like scaling, cropping, and rotating
  • Multiple print queues with specific settings for different media, for an efficient print process

RIPs from multiple vendors are available for different print applications. Memjet has worked closely over the years with two well-known RIP developers, each offering solutions for multiple market segments.

We asked each of them about the importance of working with Memjet and the growth in digital technologies.

Xitron on Working with Memjet

Xitron recognized Memjet’s importance as an innovator and development partner over eight years ago when it designed Memjet’s Digital Front End (DFE) in 2012. In 2013, Xitron joined Memjet in the high-speed, high-resolution, transactional printing realm. Our tight integration with the Memjet engineering team has made it possible for us to support every printhead and feature that Memjet has brought to market, and to work closely with OEMs as they engineer their new Powered by Memjet products, easily adding features and customizing the software as needed. Xitron’s DFE supports all of Memjet’s technology platforms – Versapass, DuraFlex and DuraLink.

Today, we have sold thousands of Xitron/Memjet DFE’s into labels, packaging, on-demand books, read and print, transactional print, envelopes, and other markets as global OEMs look to Memjet to power their digital printing solutions.

EFI on Working with Memjet

Printer manufacturers that partner with Memjet and EFI can provide their customers with a next-generation solution in a rapid and cost-effective development cycle. Many print providers benefit every day from the Fiery DFE’s proven strengths in driving high-value personalization, boosting productivity with workflow software, and providing superior color and image quality for high-volume digital color printing.

The Fiery DFE is more than just a RIP. Customers can take advantage of advanced color management tools that work seamlessly with the DFE. Fiery workflow software, RESTful API, and integration with EFI’s market-leading MIS/ERP and web-to-print products give customers expanded choices for more complete printing solutions.

With the vast array of possible applications and print production demands, printer manufacturers that choose the Memjet DuraLink platform with the scalable Fiery XB hardware architecture can be assured the Fiery DFE will keep their presses running at rated speeds including when running any size PDF/VT or PPML variable data jobs.

New Breed of Print Solutions

Memjet technology can be part of a print solution for a variety of media types, including corrugated boxes, folding cartons, high-impact papers, flexible materials, shipping envelopes, and food and beverage labels as well as mailing and addressing.

As OEMs explore these and other new applications, it is likely that the need for different RIP solutions may emerge. As such, Memjet developed a Job Submission Library as an interface to enable simple integration of other possible RIP solutions with Memjet print engines.

Brands that continue to look at promoting a consistent, enhanced look for their brand’s image and desire to gain more control of their supply chain will benefit from this new breed of affordable printing solutions.

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