The Impact of Cloud Services on Efficiency and Profitability

By: Dave Gelvin, SVP Customer Success at Memjet

As economic conditions remain unstable due to COVID-19, and throughout the recovery, print providers will need access to affordable printing solutions that ensure higher productivity and uptime in order to expand their business and revenue streams. Equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and their reseller partners will also need access to online tools for remote monitoring and servicing to engage with their customer without the cost, delay, or risk of travel.

As a result, OEMs and print solution providers need to think and work differently.

Memjet’s Cloud Services is a new suite of applications that is poised to change and enable the way our OEM partners support and deliver new services to customers. We expect it to play a vital role moving forward.

Improving the Customer Experience

Memjet’s Cloud Services allow OEMs and their reseller partners to remotely monitor the health and status of Memjet technology components. The basic services which include data collection and the ability to perform remote troubleshooting is available today. The service can monitor pages printed, ink consumed per job, job status, maintenance events, alerts and faults. Our DuraLink technology includes advanced monitoring capabilities of ink pressure, ink temperature, and CPU temperature. For privacy reasons, there is no access to the actual image in the print file.

These basic services are the foundation for future services that OEMs can offer to their users to enhance the overall customer experience. For example, predictive analytics could provide information on when a particular service on the equipment should be scheduled, or it could trigger auto-replenish of supplies like when ink is running low. The reports and analysis generated by these activities allow business processes to be performed very cost-effectively and efficiently while reducing downtime. The system can also be expanded to capture information about non-Memjet components like the media controller, priming, and post-print systems.

How it Works

The application resides on the print engine or PC connected to the print engine. After customers consent to allow Memjet Cloud Services, the data is securely transmitted from the Memjet print engine to AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud database where it is stored. The data can then be accessed through Memjet visualization and reporting tools and an API for integration into systems like ERPs, CRMs and other customer service and support systems.

Security is Key

Privacy and confidentiality of business information is of most importance to Memjet, our OEMs, and the print providers. As a result, Memjet Cloud Services leverages the same security features that are employed by the banking industry including end-to-end 256-bit encryption. Communication is initiated and controlled by the application running on the print engine which prevents outside sources from attempting to access the print engine. The data is securely sent in short packets to minimize the time a third party can attempt to break the security key.

Impacting your Business

As part of your Total Cost of Print, these new services should factor into your analysis, and more importantly can be a way to measure and validate the expected impacts on your business. As our guest blogger Elizabeth Gooding of Inkjet Insight says, “inkjet analysis is not a one and done process, but done right, it can transform your business.”

Affordable printing solutions that ensure higher productivity and uptime will be more important than ever and Memjet is poised to deliver services that help impact your bottom line.

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