The Impact of COVID-19 on the Printing Industry

By: Sunil Gupta, Chief Executive Officer at Memjet

Around the world, uncertain conditions remain but businesses are starting to open. As we collectively move forward, Memjet is assessing the impact the pandemic has had on printing industry markets today – and what lies ahead.

Market Opportunities

There is no question that the pandemic has had an impact on the printing industry. Some market segments have seen signs of growth; this gives us reasons for optimism:


As consumers have been forced to isolate at home, demand for goods through eCommerce sites has soared. As we begin to recover, demand for goods through e-Commerce sites is likely to continue, as will demand for corrugate and folding carton packaging to ship those products.

Flexible Packaging

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased demand for flexible packaging, which is considered more hygienic due to limited handling. Another positive result has been the rise of food and beverage delivery services; which also expands the use of this type of disposable packaging.


Labels are part of the supply chains of basic necessities and they serve as a vital tool for conveying information. As a result, the market has experienced an increased demand for food, hygiene, and pharmaceutical labels, as well as labeling information related to eCommerce sales. Short runs on a regular and increasing basis have become the norm.

Impact on Investment

In order to capture those opportunities in a post-COVID world, print solution providers will have to think and work differently.

In a recent presentation for Future Print Digital Summit, Mark Hanley of IT Strategies said that as the industry moves out of the pandemic, print providers will likely postpone high capital investments due to uncertainty or the lack of finance.

He projects that print providers will instead invest in lower-cost systems like digital inkjet printers Powered by Memjet. These print solutions have a lower barrier to entry than more expensive and complicated printers while producing high-quality, beautiful output with brilliant color and eye-catching clarity delivered at resolutions as high as 1600 dpi and some of the fastest print speeds.

With digital printing technology that has a low cost of ownership and ability to easily produce short runs of customized packaging and labeling in high-quality color, print providers can quickly establish themselves in these growing markets.

Preparing for the Future

Memjet provides the digital printing technology necessary for OEMs to develop printing solutions that capture these opportunities and allow them to prepare for the increased demand of affordable label and packaging printers.

The modular nature of Memjet technology combined with our engineering services including remote development and support provide the resources and simplicity OEMs need to get their printing solutions to market quicker and more affordably – essential features in an uncertain market.

Memjet’s all water-based ink portfolio is free from toxic and reactive chemistries, making them safer for the earth and human health than other ink alternatives. Our selective criteria and constant monitoring ensure that our inks remain suitable for use on tested food packaging, and throughout the product lifecycle.

By choosing Memjet, OEMs ensure their solution is developed and launched expediently as well as capable of delivering the highest resolution, fastest speeds, and at a lower cost which print providers demand for today and into the future.

These technological developments, combined with the innovation and resilience of those who work in the industry, ensure a future where the print industry thrives.

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