Inkjet Technology Expands Opportunities for Food and Beverage Package Production

Food safe, colorful, personalized labels and packaging are creating new opportunities for print providers, manufacturers and brand owners.

In the wake of shifting consumer demands, the food and beverage packaging market is undergoing dramatic changes. To keep pace with those demands, many providers are switching from analog to digital printing solutions.

To learn more about these changes, Memjet commissioned NAPCO Media (parent company of Packaging Impressions and Printing Impressions magazines) to research this market. Read Research Reports

NAPCO captured close to 300 responses from organizations that print labels and packaging. Of these organizations, 166 serve the food and beverage market. This select group of companies is the focus of this research report, representing a variety of business types and sizes.

Conversations with these providers revealed a market that is changing. Providers who can meet consumer demands and provide safe labels are the ones who are best able to capture the opportunities.

Consumers in Control

Modern consumers are driving the most significant trends in food and beverage packaging. These consumers demand branded packaging that engages and informs them while keeping pace with their busy lifestyle.

Successful providers are the ones keeping pace with these trends. They are producing shorter runs of labels and packages for a wider variety of product choices. These labels and packages have personalized messages and images that capture consumers’ attention and enhance their experience while also communicating essential product and safety information.

The chart below details growing areas of demand, according to the label and package providers surveyed:

The good news is that advancements in today’s inkjet printing technology – including printheads, inks, and substrates – enable providers to keep pace with these trends. This technology offers a faster, more affordable way to print short-run, on-demand labels and packaging with personalization, multiple versions, and quicker turnaround times.

Close to two-thirds of survey respondents (62 percent) believe digital printing technology innovations enable new types of applications.

Safety is Critical in Food and Beverage Packaging

Meeting shifting consumer demands is one key to success in the label and package market. But these packages and labels must also be produced safely, using inks made for the food and beverage market.

Memjet technology provides high-quality, high-value packaging and label solutions, especially for the food and beverage market. Memjet’s specially formulated aqueous food packaging inks are safer for the earth and the people handling them compared to analog, UV, solvent or toner ink solutions. Because Memjet aqueous inks contain no toxic or reactive chemistries and align with industry standards (e.g. Nestlé Guidance Note on Packaging), these inks are the most reliable class of inks for use with food and beverage packaging.

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Working with NAPCO Media, Memjet has recently published a research report titled “Revolutionizing Food Packaging with Inkjet.” This research report explores the market trends, innovations, and forces that reduce obstacles for organizations looking to either enter or expand offerings in label and packaging printing.

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