In Recovery, Speed is of the Essence

By: Marcus Timson, Director of FM Future Ltd.

Today, speed is a fact of life: the world moves at an ever-increasing pace.

I first wrote these words Pre-COVID-19 crisis, but as we make our way through this unprecedented event, the words feel even more accurate. Change, it seems, happens on a daily, if not hourly, basis.

Our COVID-19 Survey shows how the pandemic has impacted print markets; decreasing demands in markets like commercial printing but increasing in markets like packaging.

It is not clear how long the virus will impact print markets. But what is clear is that digital printing will play a critical role in our recovery. Inkjet printing now has the speed, quality, and flexibility vital in seeing us through a post-COVID-19 world.

For more on this topic, I spoke to Arnaud Linquette, who leads Memjet’s business development effort in Europe.

How do you think COVID-19 will impact print?

After COVID-19, printers will be looking for solutions that can help them to be more profitable and productive. As a result, there will be an increased demand for digital printing.

OEMs need to be ready to meet this demand. Memjet has the right technology to help OEMs cost-effectively and time-efficiently develop the next wave of machinery required to meet the demand for Inkjet in labeling, commercial, packaging, and industrial printing markets and beyond.

What obstacles do you hear from OEMs when talking about Inkjet?

A common misunderstanding for digital printing is that you can’t have it all: if you need to print faster, then you should expect lower quality; if you need the highest quality, then you must accept lower productivity.

But Memjet’s This combination will continue to drive transformation in the printing applications of the graphic arts industry.

Look at mail centers, for example. Digital printing technology not only improves speed but also efficiencies in the mail center. It enables printers to create high-impact color documents without speed reduction and at lower per-page costs. Digital printing also reduces overhead related to inventory management, production, postage, and mailing.

Moreover, incorporating vibrant, personalized messaging on each invoice, statement, label, or package you send, you’re able to turn a once rudimentary engagement into a chance to earn customer trust and deliver value.

How Does Memjet enable OEMs to develop these kinds of solutions needed in the post-pandemic world? 

Powered by Memjet printing solutions are optimized for speed, maximum throughput, and higher-quality printing to help your business print transactional mail, labels, and packages easier, faster, and with a better return on your investment.

These solutions are available at a lower cost, which is critical, given the current crisis. Moreover, these solutions provide the key benefits of improved flexibility, increased printing effectiveness, and revenue growth – the benefits the market needs.

Print solutions Powered by Memjet are changing how the industry approaches digital inkjet print engines. And this is happening when the market needs these solutions the most.

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Introducing the Industrial Factory 4.0 for the Packaging Industry – A talk by Victor Abergel of MGI and Arnaud Linquette of Memjet

For the past 20 plus years, Marcus has been a professional event organizer – launching a number of successful new shows and conferences including FESPA Digital, FESPA Asia and InPrint. In February 2019, he launched with Frazer Chesterman FM Future a strategic communications consultancy, and in June 2019 launched FuturePrint an online platform and community for advanced print technology. As well as sharing and creating useful insight and content, has launched the Future of Inkjet Survey and Report, hosts webinars, smaller events, keynote presentations and workshops, and thought leadership campaigns through our large following of print, manufacturing and technology professionals who are invested in the future of print tech.