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Dec 8, 2021 - Dec 9, 2021 | Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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Meeting Brands Needs for Late-Stage Customization

More than ever, today's consumers are demanding products tailored to their specific needs. This trend had been established well before the pandemic. But the days of online shopping, social isolation, and 24-hour access to products on-demand have increased consumers' appetite...
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Creating Safe, Sustainable Food Packaging with the Right Ink

As demand for packaging continues to grow and strengthen, partly due to the pandemic, digital printing is uniquely positioned to produce the customized, sustainable, recyclable packaging needed to meet the demand of brands and consumers. When it comes to food...
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Memjet Powers New Nearline Printing System

This week, Memjet’s partner V-Shapes announced their first nearline printing solution called VS dflex. This new reel-to-reel digital press prints the top layer of V-Shapes’ innovative flexible packaging – unique single-dose sachets that are opened with a single gesture using one...
Categories: Partners, Memjet Technology, Innovation