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Our partners design innovative, Memjet-powered printing systems for applications such as labels, mailing and addressing, office documents, wide format CAD and graphics, packaging, 3D printing, and commercial printing.
  • Labels

    Whether driven by the flexibility and cost savings associated with just-in-time labels, or the marketing advantages of more customized labels on-demand, short-run color labels give today’s manufacturers a significant advantage. Memjet® technology powers fast, high-quality color label systems spanning from desktop to narrow-web press applications.

  • Packaging

    The role of packaging has evolved from providing basic information and product protection to a vehicle for delivering a more personalized interaction between consumers and brands. Custom, full-color short runs make it possible, and Memjet® technology is uniquely positioned to make flexible and affordable digital packaging solutions a more common reality in the marketplace.

  • Commercial Print

    From high-speed color label runs at 1600 dpi to color document printing with full variable data and near offset print quality—print solutions powered by Memjet® technology enable transactional, direct mail, books, manuals, and tag and label printers to print faster and more profitably than ever before.

  • Wide Format

    In order to remain competitive, wide format print service providers are reconfiguring their business models to offer customers a speed advantage. It’s not unusual to have 24-hours or less turnaround time for 100 or more wide format prints. Ultra-fast wide format printers powered by Memjet® technology are helping companies remain competitive by meeting these deadlines without breaking the bank.

  • Mailing & Addressing

    In today’s crowded digital marketing marketplace, sometimes the best customer response comes from the mail. Memjet mailing and addressing solutions enable edge-to-edge color printing of envelopes, direct mail and other printed content. Memjet® technology is designed to power solutions that make it easier to print on wider/thicker envelopes and direct mail media.

  • Office & Document

    Whether in the office or in front of customers, Memjet’s low-cost, ink-based solutions deliver color office documents efficiently and affordably. Lower your cost of color printing and increase the effectiveness of office communications by investing in Memjet-powered office printers and MFPs.

  • 3D

    Memjet® technology delivers over 700 million drops-per-second, so materials can be printed quickly, simply, and cost-effectively. This same technology can be applied to 3D applications, where Memjet® dye-based inks are used to create and color objects from powder-based materials.

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