CP950 Carton Printer

Product Description

The Memjet-powered CP950 can print in full-color on items as thick as 1/4″ (6mm) and as wide as 9″ (229mm). Of course, you can also use it to print on letterhead and envelopes. Its pro-grade auto-feeder allows the CP950 to run unattended: just set the height of the adjustable printhead, load the feeder, and hit “print”.

For best results, use items that have a porous surface. For example, flattened cartons, cardstock, cardboard, paper boxes, bags, and other items that have been coated for inkjet printing are ideal for use with the CP950.

The CP950 Carton Printer is a good choice for growing brands that need custom-printed packaging and don’t want to purchase large minimum quantities. Also, since the CP950 can print on letterhead and envelopes, print shops and mail rooms will find this a versatile workhorse that is easy to use and inexpensive to run. With its simple paper path and 1-liter ink capacity, the CP950 can handle large runs without the need to change ink cartridges.

If you run an ecommerce operation, the CP950 will integrate nicely with your workflow. Imagine printing your company’s logo, website, and phone number on every small box that leaves your facility. Everyone who sees your shipment will know where it’s from. That’s an easy way to turn you ordinary shipping boxes into advertising for your company.

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