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What's new with printhead technology? Find out from the experts.

Memjet’s R&D teams have developed modular technology that empowers industry OEMs to reach new markets and reduce development time by 6 months.

In this eBook, you’ll learn:

  • How printers are growing in today’s fast-paced world (Hint: it’s not by gaining more customers)
  • How OEM partners are influencing these growing trends with modular  technology
  • The advantages of Memjet’s two technology platforms, VersaPass, a complete writing system, and DuraLink, a modular print system
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Empowering our partners.

If you’re a print industry OEM, Memjet’s scientists, engineers, and print specialists are ready to work with you and find your niche in the marketplace. Developing custom printers that solve your market demands is what we do best. We’re on board for the life of your project, and work to ensure you get to market quickly.

Michael Abergel - headshot
“Memjet’s DuraLink architecture and ink modules, combined with its teamwork and technical support for the AlphaJET product, have allowed us to achieve unprecedented functional advancements rapidly.”
– Michael Abergel, Executive Vice President and Managing Director, MGI