Learn more from EPDB about the Powered by Memjet OPHRYS IRICOLOR inline envelope overprinter by Varioprinting. It’s a new innovation in mailing with inkjet technology that gives users the flexibility to make personalized envelope printing part of the production process by integrating it with their inserter lines. 

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New Paradigm in Mailing Powered by Memjet

  In the past, customized envelope printing was a time-consuming and expensive process, requiring the printer to order and inventory different types of preprinted envelopes. Customization was limited to the inventory of preprinted envelopes. If any changes needed to be...
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Young Guns in Print

Guest Author: Karis Copp at FM Future On October 12th, the FuturePrint Virtual Summit will begin with a full day focused on “Young Guns in Print.” It will feature the young leaders and entrepreneurs of print and packaging with important...
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Can Designers Drive a Direct Mail Rebound?

By: Elizabeth Gooding, President at Inkjet Insight and Co-Author of "The Designer's Guide to Inkjet" Designers are expanding their role in the print buying supply chain. This is important for printing companies using inkjet as growth in inkjet pages correlates...
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