Modular Software

Mega-fast printheads and controller chips are only as good as the software that drives them. So we've developed modular software from the ground up to maximize speed, stability and efficiency.

Memjet provides OEM partners with modular software components designed to seamlessly interface with Memjet controller electronics and firmware.

Flexible, Streamlined Development

Memjet's software modules include end-user applications such as printer drivers, installers, usage-tracking and error-reporting modules as well as other manufacturing, service and management modules. All applications are written in ANSI C/C++ and provide a well-defined set of common operating system interfaces and OS-independent code for OEM partners to leverage and customize.

Printer Drivers

The Memjet printer driver is a key element in the delivery of Memjet print performance. The driver renders print pages in a dual resolution (MMR) format which delivers images in compressed JPEG, compresses color pages natively and black text/line art at full resolution using a modified G4 Fax compression. The result is that Memjet page data is sent to the Memjet controller quickly and in a compact format for fast transmission, while maintaining high-quality color printing. Most pages are rendered using a standard host PC or network configuration.

PDL Support

Memjet's software and firmware architectures support encapsulating the optimized rendering format in other PDLs or using PJL to switch between parallel PDLs.

Printer Status Monitor

This configurable module monitors printer/MFP status and presents status to the end user.

Usage Tracking

Tracks usage related to the configuration of Memjet ink and printhead. Contains options for time-based, supply-based and or customizable services to assist in packaging and routing usage data to device-based sources or external sources such as web applications.

Embedded Web Server

The software supports a dedicated bi-directional connection to device Embedded Web Server (EWS), and uses standard HTTP protocols.

RIP support.

Memjet's high-performance data pipeline electronics support uncompressed print data streaming from Raster Image Processor (RIP) software. This technology gives end users direct control over what is printed on the page, down to the dot level, while providing OEMs with the flexibility to drive Memjet printheads using the most powerful RIP software available in the marketplace.