Single-pass digital color printing. Numerous applications.


  • Printhead

    Memjet® printheads pack 70,400 nozzles into a 1,600 dpi device that can easily be configured to print one or four colors, in 1-wide to 5-wide arrangements. Paired with dye-based inks, the printhead life and print quality are both maximized. Memjet’s efficient silicon structure enables the printheads to remain cost-effective while delivering an impressive combination of speed and dpi.

  • Datapath, Electronics
    & Software

    Memjet® software and electronics are available in two dynamic packages. The first package cost-effectively integrates datapath software and drivers with a customized low-cost SOC and electronics package to drive single-printhead engine systems. The second configuration supports higher speeds and systems requiring dot-to-dot level control with front-end RIP.

    The Memjet® software drives fundamental component operations like printhead nozzle control for a wide variety of engine concepts, while allowing OEMs the flexibility to interface to different front-end systems.

  • Inks

    Memjet® inks are water-based dye inks that are customized to work with Memjet® printheads. Advanced dye colorants are used to achieve the highest combination of image quality and reliability on a wide range of plain and inkjet receptive medias without requiring additional drying or curing steps.

  • Engines

    Memjet® print engines combine ink delivery, maintenance, component electronics, and under-printhead paper path in pre-configured engine designs that accelerate an OEM’s whole product development. Three Memjet print engines provide the core for the range of printer systems:

    • Single printhead benchtop applications
    • Five-printhead wide format (42 inches) applications
    • Up to five printheads with redundant nozzles for fast production press applications.
  • Components Set

    The Memjet® Single Printhead Components Set enables single-printhead engine designs to be configured with above the web maintenance, flexible ink delivery options, and a partner-designed paper path.

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