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2 March 2, 2018

The power of product packaging – going beyond the plain brown box

Product packaging influences at least one third of buying decisions – it’s the first impression potential buyers make during an in-store purchase. More importantly, product packaging weighs heavily in online purchasing habits, with consumers young and old sharing their unboxing experiences through social media for friends and brands to see. So what does this mean for companies whose bread and [...] Read More

21 February 21, 2018

Adaptability – inkjet printing holds the key to success in 2018

The promise of inkjet technology is that it enables printers to improve customer loyalty and enter new markets. But in this global print culture of rapid innovation, the next trend driven by inkjet printing is already here: adaptability. Inkjet print solutions allow printers to test new tools and materials to generate end pieces that can [...] Read More

20 February 20, 2018

The Rise of Private Labels and the Conscious Consumer

With more control over production and branding, private labels are competing with big brand giants to attract the everyday conscious consumer. In our newest blog mini-series, we break down three of 2018’s fastest growing grocery markets trends to follow when creating effective product packaging and labels. First Up: Private Labels Products Amidst being bombarded by a [...] Read More

15 February 15, 2018

Successful Marketing Campaigns Start with Direct Mail

Are you a marketer focused solely on digital communications? Do social media, mobile, and search comprise the majority of your marketing budget and leave little spend for direct mail? If so, you’re not alone. But recent studies are showing that your digital-only marketing strategy may not be producing the best results. InfoTrends, a division of [...] Read More

7 February 7, 2018

Inkjet Printing Innovations Highlighted at IMI Conferences

If there’s one thing those in the printing industry agree on it’s that the pace of change keeps getting faster. That’s why events like the IMI Digital Print Conference and the IMI Inkjet Printing Conference, being held this week in San Diego, are so important to the development of innovative print solutions. By bringing together industry leaders for [...] Read More

6 February 6, 2018

Big Changes in Food Means Big Changes in Food Labeling

Everything you need to know about food labeling in today’s changing food industry. Increasing demand for local, healthy food is changing the label game   Craft. Fresh. Local. Natural. These aren’t just buzzwords, they’re the result of an awakening collective conscience around food that is driving demand for a broad new spectrum of healthier food [...] Read More

31 January 31, 2018

Memjet-powered Packaging Solutions Come to WestPack 2018

Next week, close to ten Memjet partners will gather at the WestPack 2018 conference in Anaheim to showcase innovative packaging solutions. As the packaging industry undergoes a big transformation, WestPack promises to be an information-packed event.  “There has never been a more dynamic time to be in packaging,” said Kim Beswick, general manager of Memjet. [...] Read More

24 January 24, 2018

Is Your Print Packaging Smart Enough to Survive?

Smart digital print packaging is bringing brands closer to their customers. When Amazon bought Whole Foods earlier this year, people said it would change the industry. More and more customers are purchasing their groceries online–for curbside pick up or home delivery. It’s convenient. It’s fast. But this changing environment requires brands and retailers to reconsider [...] Read More

10 January 10, 2018

What the Printing Industry Needs to Know for 2018

In an industry that’s slow to change, change is what it’s going to take to survive. It’s getting personal Or maybe I should say, “personalized.” With the market for personalized print showing no signs of slowing, the customization craze isn’t a craze at all, but rather an indication that people will continue to want their [...] Read More

8 January 8, 2018

Manufacturers Take Control of Label Production

As more and more manufacturers make labeling part of their production process, the question is not whether manufacturers will produce their own labels but which industry will be the next to do so. It turns out the answer is right under your feet. Carpet manufacturers across Turkey are the latest group to realize the benefits [...] Read More