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Your customers demand the best printers the market has to offer. Memjet’s dedication to our partners means you–and your customers–get what you need.


Some vendors give you a printhead and leave the rest of the printer development to the OEM. Memjet takes a different approach.

Our partnerships go well beyond the integration of printing technology. Partners also receive Memjet’s know-how, market knowledge, and technical expertise.

From early development to the launch of your product in the market, Memjet is the one partner you need to develop a successful printing solution.


The idea can start anywhere—a customer’s site, your research department, the back of a napkin. But once an OEM is ready to turn its concept into a printer, it needs to find the resources to make that printer successful.

We provide:

  • Technology, tools, and expertise during the design and development process
  • Technical support for field escalations and quality issues related to Memjet-manufactured components in Powered by Memjet devices
  • Expertise in market strategy, research and analysis, and product marketing as well as sales/channel and market development planning.

Partner with US

Your customers depend on you for the best printers the market has to offer. You can count on our technology, service, and partnership to help make that happen. Let’s work together.

Memjet is the global leader in providing digital inkjet technology that enables beautiful precision, simplicity and affordability.

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