Extend your competitive edge with integrated print solutions designed for flexibility, precision and speed.



DuraBolt’s high-volume, integrated print solutions capture strong efficiency gains across multiple markets. Easy to install, integrate, operate, and maintain, DuraBolt is at the cutting edge of print technology. 



Liters / Printhead

Nozzle Redundancy

Feet / Min Speed

THE Durabolt edge

Quality and Value

DuraBolt leverages Memjet’s advanced printhead technology to deliver lightning speeds, outstanding image quality, and longer life.

  • Up to 1600 x 1280 dpi
  • Jets up to 240 liters of ink
  • 4 times nozzle redundancy
  •  324.4 mm (12.77 in) width
  • Aqueous pigment inks


Ready to deploy. DuraBolt is a scalable print engine with broad and customizable functionality. This advanced technology integrates into existing infrastructure, reducing development time and costs. With outstanding print quality and speed, DuraBolt offers a powerful value proposition.


Durability and perfection. DuraBolt aqueous pigment inks deliver market-leading image quality across a wide range of applications. These fast-drying inks are environmentally friendly and have been developed for use on food packaging and indirect food contact applications.


Powerful process control. Smart engineering supports DuraBolt’s configurable Digital Front End (DFE). The DFE streamlines interaction between the print engine and all aspects of the print process, delivering system automation, real-time status updates, and intuitive user operation.


DuraBolt combines advanced technology with a user-centric design to deliver tangible productivity gains. Remarkably easy to use and boasting impressively fast automated maintenance cycles, DuraBolt is easily operated by cost-effective, non-technical staff. Cross-platform functionality means DuraBolt can run consecutive jobs with minimal downtime, while extended print runs optimize output and asset utilization.


high-volume, monochrome print solutions for wide format

DuraBolt PrintBar is a powerful print solution that delivers Memjet’s hallmark 1600 dpi print quality across wide web monochrome applications. It provides new opportunities for profitable production imprinting with customizable functionality delivered at exceptional value.


The DuraBolt series includes the DuraBolt PrintBar, which is a wide web monochrome printing solution sold directly to printers. It enables high-volume printers to create advanced hybrid printing solutions at an attractive price point.

  • 1600 dpi print quality
  • Print speeds of over 960 feet per minute
  • Print widths of 12.75, 25.5 and 39 inches
  • Powerful Digital Front End with rapid processing
  • Automated maintenance to minimize operator intervention


The DuraBolt maintenance series helps OEMs achieve productivity gains with simple, easy-to-follow video instructions that your team can refer to at any time. This helpful video series, combined with DuraBolt’s user-centric technology, makes DuraBolt easy to install, operate, and maintain. Click here to view the series.

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Whether you are an OEM looking to integrate Memjet technology into your printing solution, a print provider looking for the right Powered by Memjet product or a brand owner who wants to use digital inkjet printing technology in new and interesting ways, we can help.

Memjet is the global leader in providing digital inkjet technology that enables beautiful precision, simplicity and affordability.

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