Digital Label Production that Keeps Pace with Modern Marketing

October 26, 2021

The world’s label market is going through a period of transition. Trends that were impacting the market before the pandemic have accelerated during the time of COVID-19. That means label printers and converters can expect to see an increased demand for shorter run lengths, customization and personalization, increased media costs, faster turnaround times, and value-added services. But with profit margins shrinking, printers must find a cost-effective way to meet these demands from customers for today – and well into the future.

Affordable, Quality Digital Label Production

Given these trends, it comes as no surprise that many printers are considering a move to digital printing. Digital printing technologies offer vital benefits that enable providers or converters to produce short and medium-runs effectively, economically, and profitably. Yet with all its benefits, some in the industry remain unsure of the value of digital printing. These printers are reluctant to invest in digital equipment, believing that the high cost of consumables and the end price to consumers put profitable digital label printing out of reach. JETSCI® Global offers digital printing solutions that put these concerns to rest. The company’s complete range of digital solutions is designed to work for printers of all sizes while meeting the highest international quality standards. JETSCI® ColorAqua, for example, is an entry-level digital label press that bridges the gap between a printer’s existing equipment and market demand. “The Jetsci ColorAqua is the right solution for any label printing business that wants to attract forward-thinking prospects. It is a productive and versatile solution that comes in a compact footprint for the converters. The high-quality output of the Jetsci addresses market requirements of short-run jobs,” says Neeraj Thappa, vice president of Jetsci Global. Powered by Memjet’s DuraFlex water-based pigment ink technology, the Jetsci ColorAqua enables label printers to adopt a digital workflow in label printing at a low entry-level cost. Despite its low price, the Jetsci ColorAqua includes several key features: high-definition CMYK full-colour printing, micro text, variable data, and security printing. The system can print on most general label stocks (coated or uncoated) without primers and many films substrates by applying primers. The ColorAqua prints at a resolution of 1600dpi and a run speed of up to 45m/min.

Real-World Label Success

Romanian-based PlusPrint, a signage and promotional items customization specialist, has invested in Jetsci ColorAqua full-color digital label press. The company chose the Jetsci ColorAqua to expand its production capabilities to various applications, including short-run labels and the security printing segment.

“We were looking for the latest technology in roll-to-roll label printing that would offer top quality and productivity at low cost. We are happy to be among the first companies to have access to this new technology offered by Jetsci Global in partnership with Memjet. The quality and productivity of this machine are unmatched in the industry by any machine in its price range,” commented Ionut Buhagiar, managing partner at PlusPrint. “The installation at PlusPrint in Romania is our fifth Jetsci installation this year. It’s always great to connect with the business leaders who have a vision and intention to expand and invest in innovations,” concludes Thappa. For more information visit Monotech.

What Can Memjet
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