Kirk-Rudy Ramps Production of FireJet 4C

April 21, 2021

Memjet’s single-pass inkjet platforms provide a solid foundation for our OEM partners to meet their customers’ needs for a variety of print applications regardless of company revenue, print volume, or market specialty.

Kirk-Rudy chose Memjet’s DuraFlex® technology to power its FireJet 4C Color Inkjet System because it enabled the creation of a powerful yet affordable solution with the flexibility and performance needed to open multiple print markets. As we recover from the pandemic’s impact, print providers are looking for affordable printing solutions to expand their business and revenue streams by capitalizing on new opportunities. The FireJet 4C is slated to meet this demand.

High-Speed Printing at an Affordable Price

The FireJet 4C is an all-in-one printing system that combines the heavy-duty transport that Kirk-Rudy is famous for, along with the printing quality, reliability, and simplicity that Memjet is known for. It offers a profitable alternative to the smaller desktop, toner-based digital color printers on the market today, and delivers high-speed color printing at near offset quality for documents, labels, direct mail – and with new feeder units – packaging products such as bags, napkins, flat boxes, and corrugated cardboard.

Watch the FireJet 4C in action producing up to 18,000 #10 envelopes per hour. The FireJet 4C can print A3+ and A4 cut sheets in full color (CMYK) at 1600 x 1600 dpi and can print at speeds up to 150 ft/min. The latest Powered by Memjet printhead technology has been engineered to provide a long life (approximately 120 liters), along with outstanding image quality and an integrated wiper system that provides automated servicing of the printhead. Its robust color correction software and RIP provides operators with an easy-to-use, operator-friendly digital press with very little maintenance. Production of the FireJet 4C is ramping now – 16 units have been installed in the United States and several units are expected to arrive in Europe next month.

For more information, visit Kirk-Rudy.

What Can Memjet
Technology Do For You?

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