Memjet Powers New Nearline Printing System

May 17, 2021

This week, Memjet’s partner V-Shapes announced their first nearline printing solution. This new reel-to-reel digital press prints the top layer of V-Shapes’ innovative flexible packaging – unique single-dose sachets that are opened with a single gesture using one hand – used by food, pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetic sectors. Now, sachets can be customized in-house making it easier for packaging converters/fillers to accomplish the complete manufacturing process, eliminating the need to outsource printing. Building on their success with the TrojanLabel T2 high-volume digital press, V-Shapes’ new VS dflex Powered by Memjet’s DuraFlex® technology adds to that versatility combining professional-grade digital printing with industrial productivity.

Control, Flexibility, and Food Packaging Safety

The VS dflex print module for the V-Shapes ALPHA inline form, fill, and seal packaging system gives brand owners and co-packers greater control of their operations and costs – and what they need to compete in this growing market. The speed and image quality of Memjet’s DuraFlex multicolor A3+ printhead and water-based pigment inks, along with the advanced features and color management capabilities of the ColorGATE Packaging Productionserver deliver vivid colors, simply and cost-effectively at high production speeds. The water-based pigment inks are designed for safety in food packaging as well as other sensitive applications. They are free of toxic and reactive chemistries making them safer for the earth and the people handling them. They also do not negatively impact recycling streams and supports V-Shapes’ commitment to sustainability.

Meeting the Needs of Today’s Manufacturers

The development of the VS dflex comes when manufacturers are looking to save more time and cost in their production process. The capabilities of the VS dflex, and solutions like this, represent the future of printing. In the months ahead, we’ll be sharing announcements about further innovations for this type of printing solution. Click here to learn more about the VS dflex nearline printer, and for other products and services from V-Shapes.

What Can Memjet
Technology Do For You?

Whether you are an OEM looking to integrate Memjet technology into your printing solution, a print provider looking for the right Powered by Memjet product or a brand owner who wants to use digital inkjet printing technology in new and interesting ways, we can help.