Optimize the Print Quality and Printhead Life of Your VersaPass® Print Solution

February 24, 2021

Your printer is a complex eco-system with various sub-systems and external factors all interacting to produce printed output. Regular maintenance, appropriate settings and proper troubleshooting skills can positively impact your print quality, reliability/up-time and overall cost per print, and eliminate unnecessary interventions, printhead replacements, scrap, job reruns and unsatisfied customers that can stem from inaccurate short-term fixes. To help ensure efficient use of your resources, Memjet VersaPass® technology subject-matter experts have put together a series of best practices videos and e-books. The how-to information, preventative checklists and troubleshooting tips presented in these resources can help you gain control over the health and lifespan of your printer by minimizing system issues and downtime, as well as maximizing productivity. The topics include:

    • Optimizing Print Quality and Printhead Life
    • Understanding Print Content and Usage
    • Addressing Common Print Quality Issues
    • Information Needed When Contacting Support
    • Printhead Handling and Returns

After reviewing the best practices series materials, we would appreciate your feedback by taking the survey linked on the resources page. Now is the time to ensure your print solution is operating at peak performance!

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