Inkjet Integration Stimulates Growth for Many Markets

April 14, 2021

By Elizabeth Gooding, President at Inkjet Insight

There’s a big inkjet market out there that involves everyone from Inkjet OEMs and component manufacturers to product brands in food, fashion and decor with a whole lot of printing companies in between. This market isn’t about buying (or building) the same press as the guy down the street. It’s about doing something new with the equipment you have, putting multiple processes together, or building something new with inkjet to meet a specific business need – and that need may not even be related to the print industry. If it seems like this covers a lot of ground – it does. The shorthand for this market is “Inkjet Integration” but it is very loosely defined and there is a lot of overlap between the buyers of services and the companies that are part of the supply chain. Memjet is a leading player in this infrastructure and I recently wrote about one of their integration partners, Simply Inkjet who, in turn, partners with Colordyne – yet another key Memjet integration partner. Simply Inkjet and Colordyne are both buyers of Memjet components as well as makers of their own components and creators of custom solutions. This is just the tip of the iceberg in the integration supply chain. We have recently launched research to try to bring clarity to a confusing market. Take the Survey You will find inkjet integrators working in print-on-paper markets, labels and packaging, industrial, textiles, 3D printing and many other areas. The results of their work may be called hybrid, bespoke, custom, retrofit or nothing at all because the only ones who know about the solution are the customers they were designed for. At Inkjet Insight, we believe that there are tremendous opportunities for growth in this market. We would like to foster this growth by making it easier for companies investigating custom solutions to find solution providers and for the various players in the solution ecosystem to find each other. In order to make that happen, we are conducting a series of surveys designed for buyers and sellers of services. The published research will be available for free on our site thanks to the generosity of Colordyne Technologies who have underwritten this research initiative.

Research on Buyers of Custom Inkjet and Inkjet Integration Services

The first survey is for buyers of services and will take 10-15 minutes to complete. Please complete if you are a past or potential buyer of inkjet integration services including commercial printing companies and brands/companies integrating inkjet printing into their product manufacturing or packaging process as well as OEMs who use integration partners. Those who complete the survey will be entered in a drawing to win one of 10 $50 Amazon gift cards (sponsored by Inkjet Insight). Even if you don’t get one of the gift cards, you will be rewarded with valuable research findings and our appreciation. If you don’t fit the target audience for the first survey, you can still make your opinion heard by sharing this post or forwarding the link to people you know who are buyers of inkjet products and integration services. Integrators should not complete this survey unless they also use inkjet for in-house projects. However, there will soon be a second survey geared for integrators. If you want to be contacted when the second survey is available, please email help@inkjetinsight. Take the Survey

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About the Author: Elizabeth has a rare ability to see design-related issues from many perspectives. She has managed creative teams on complex design projects, selected outsourcers for major brands, and helped print organizations to retool operations, focus their market positioning, and educate sales teams to accelerate growth. At Inkjet, Elizabeth works with a team of top analysts to translate those experiences into tools, data, and content to help print organizations evaluate the potential of inkjet, optimize their operations, work effectively with designers, and grow pages profitably. She is also a founding member of the Inkjet Summit advisory board and a curious consultant constantly seeking innovative ways to help designers and printers hone their craft and drive new pages onto inkjet presses.

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