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March 9, 2021

As printing technology – and the packaging market – continue to evolve, package printers and converters who once focused on analog processes are making room for digital inkjet printing solutions in their business.

They find that inkjet technology makes it easier and faster to produce labels and packaging by eliminating the need for printing plates and lengthy job changes – enabling short and medium run lengths that can be printed in a fast and profitable way. The print-on-demand capabilities allow for customization, personalization, anti-counterfeiting, sequential numbering, and multi-SKU production while eliminating the waste associated with over-production supporting sustainability efforts.

Introducing the ION Digital Conversion System

The new ION digital conversion system by PCMC featuring Memjet’s DuraLink® technology is a prime example of how new technology can help printers and converters make a move to inkjet in a fast and affordable way to adapt to changing market demands within the labels, folding cartons, flexible packaging, and other specialty printing markets.

The ION is a fully modular system that can be integrated into a current flexographic press, regardless of manufacturer. It is available as a mono-color print-bar and full-color printing platform with expanded gamut printing and can be configured from 8.5-inch print widths up to 60 inches.

By utilizing your existing equipment, you will increase your flexibility with unlimited potential across many different markets, while also supporting a sustainable circular economy. You can still use your flexo presses to produce longer run jobs, and the integrated digital system to extend your capabilities to include customized labels and packaging, higher graphic content, smaller lot sizes, and faster cycle times.

The ION’s industry-leading 1600×1585 dpi resolution produces sharper and more vibrant design details on a wide range of substrates including label stock, corrugated boxes, commercial paper stock, and many others that can fit unique application needs. Flexible packaging provides an infinite array of opportunities to produce pouches, squeeze tubes, sachets, bags, and other flexible packaging applications.

In addition to high resolution, the pigmented aqueous ink also offers print durability like water fastness and rub resistance is safe to use in food packaging applications, and does not impact the recycling of those materials.

The water-based inks are safer for the earth and the people handling them compared to other ink technologies. They contain no toxic or reactive chemistries, are formulated using components listed on the Swiss Ordinance, and are in alignment with the Nestlé Guidance Note on Packaging Inks.

For over 100 years, PCMC has been a leader in flexographic printing, bag converting, tissue converting, packaging, and nonwovens technology. Their long history of designing, manufacturing, installing, and servicing flexographic presses has positioned them well to help printers expand their digital printing portfolio.

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