Across the Digital Ink Gamut – Memjet’s History with New Ink Formulations

For over ten years, Memjet has been formulating inks that complement its printhead developments. Today, as Memjet’s printing technology has grown to serve several distinct markets, ink developments have kept pace. Memjet now offers inks that are formulated to meet market-specific demands.

InkWorld Magazine recently profiled Memjet’s advances in the area of ink development. Read more about what these advances mean for your print output and for your business.


If printheads are the heart of printing technology, then ink is the blood that brings the technology to life

VersaPass was Memjet’s first ink set, and this newest version builds on years of successful ink formation. Called VersaPass DN, this ink is 100 percent free of reactive chemistry, making it more environmentally friendly and ideal for use in the growing mini press food and beverage labeling market segment. 

VersaPass water-based, dye inks

The introduction of DuraLink, Memjet’s second generation printing technology, includes pigmented ink that was designed to perform reliably in high-volume printing environments while also extending the printhead life.

These advancements ensure that Memjet printheads and ink work in harmony to make fast, economical, quality printing a reality—no matter the market you serve.


More Ink, More Learning, More Opportunities

Kim Champion, VP of ink and materials at Memjet, will be providing an in-depth look at these developments at the upcoming IMI Inkjet Age of Materials Conference, taking place September 5 and 6 in Chicago.

Kim will be discussing a new primer designed to work with the DuraLink technology in high-production environments. Developed with Michelman, this primer allows users to print on coated offset stocks as well as certain packaging materials.

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