Precision Creates Beauty

By: Kevin Shimamoto, Chief Marketing Officer, Memjet


Precision Creates Beauty

People don’t always associate precision with beauty. But when you think about it, beauty and precision are often two sides of the same coin.

Imagine the sounds that come from a symphony. Now, think of the precision that goes into creating those sounds.

Each instrument is tuned to deliver the right pitch. Each musician has practiced playing the right note at the right time. The conductor has trained to bring each part together at the right tempo.

To the listener, all these rules disappear into a harmony that creates a masterpiece.

In conversations with Memjet employees, partners, and end-user customers, we have learned that, like a symphony, Memjet’s strength lies in its ability to deliver beautiful precision.

Our precise elements of design, engineering, technology, and ink chemistry create printed output with a level of quality and vibrancy that is beautiful.

Innovation is Beautiful

Not long ago, when the industry talked about inkjet printing, the conversation was often centered on concerns. Can it deliver on quality? What about the cost? Will inkjet technology ever be reliable?

While the industry was asking those questions, Memjet engineers pioneered single-pass printing technology which revolutionized inkjet printing and expanded the value of print.

The fixed nature and dense nozzle structure of this technology, coupled with the smallest drop size of 1.2 to 2.1 picoliters and native 1600 dpi, create printed output with quality that ensures beautiful precision for today and well into the future.

Our innovative design extends beyond just printheads. Our modules, software, and inks are very tightly coupled to optimize the efficiency and reliability of the entire system, allowing OEMs to achieve the highest level of quality at the lowest cost.

That’s why today, well over 12,000 installations worldwide in market segments such as labels, mailing and addressing, office documents, wide format graphics, packaging, 3D printing, and commercial printing are using printing technology Powered by Memjet® to produce output that exceeds the highest demands from their customers.

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