The Inkjet Opportunity

By: Kevin Shimamoto, Chief Marketing Officer at Memjet

The Inkjet Opportunity

When people want to understand the impact technology is making on the print industry, they turn to David Zwang.

David’s regular columns in WhatTheyThink and Printing News give readers a valuable perspective on technical developments. David helps readers understand today’s printing technology and, most importantly, the impact this technology has on the way they do business.

Recently, I sat down with David for a wide-ranging interview. The discussion covered the inkjet revolution – from the early days of development to its current evolution as a “game-changing” technology reshaping print.

Here’s an excerpt of what I had to say:

“Those benefits—speed, cost, and image quality—bring a tremendous amount of opportunity for the industry. Not only will different print shops in different environments profit from this technology, manufacturers and brands will as well. That’s a dynamic that didn’t exist before and is just starting to migrate into new applications and categories of opportunities.”

To read the whole interview, click here.

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