Data-Driven Strategies for Sales & Marketing

By: Dave Gelvin, SVP Customer Success at Memjet

Equipment manufacturers and their reseller partners continually review their strategies, programs and services aimed to increase customer satisfaction, reduce interventions and identify sales opportunities, especially in these ever-changing times.

In the data-driven world we live in – with skyrocketing growth in digital processes, wireless technologies, online data storage – it allows us to harness that data and incorporate analytics for more informed and efficient development of strategies that impact your priorities.

Recently, we introduced Memjet Cloud Services (MCS) – a new suite of applications to enable innovative ways for our OEM partners to support and deliver new services to customers. In addition to technical monitoring and remote troubleshooting of devices to help drive customer satisfaction, we also expect MCS to enhance sales and marketing strategies.

The Power of Digital

Let’s think about the metric of ink usage alone and how you could harness the data to develop sales and marketing strategies and tactics to improve your business.

First, monitoring ink usage per job helps to calculate cost per print to be used to support sales efforts, marketing programs and more.

Now, what if you monitor ink usage per customer and you see a drop in ink usage from a customer? You could react quickly to collaborate with the customer on a program to enable more pages and ink. This data would also tell you which customers are more lucrative to ensure you take care of them, and also which might need additional programs to support growth.

Diving deeper, the ink usage per machine at a particular account can help generate sales discussion on press utilization and consumables forecasting. Tracking ink usage can also trigger new ink pricing models. For example, a customer with high ink usage might get a better price on the ink if they used a certain amount of ink or even ink per page, per month.

Other uses of this data could include the ability to:

  • See if a press/printer is running close to full capacity to trigger a sales visit on interest of purchasing additional equipment or an upgrade.
  • Create different kinds of business models using clicks or rebates, and other unique ways to help drive customer growth.
  • Review uptime statistics to generate sales & marketing training and product support materials to enable preventative service.

There are many ways to harness the power of data outside of the technical support department. We are excited to see how our partners and their customers may utilize this information to grow sales opportunities and increase customer satisfaction.

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