Expanding Markets and Print Widths Using DuraFlex® Technology

By: Kim Beswick, General Manager of Global Sales at Memjet


Since its introduction last fall, OEM partners around the globe have used Memjet’s DuraFlex® technology to design new custom print solutions. These OEMs say the flexibility of DuraFlex modules provides them with the resources they need to create powerful and affordable printing solutions for a wide range of applications, including labels, mailing and addressing, and a variety of packaging solutions.

To print these applications, OEMs rely on the A4 and A3+ widths that are available with DuraFlex. Many OEMs, however, also want to expand into markets such as flexible packaging, folding cartons, and corrugated packaging. In these markets, demand for digital print solutions is growing to meet the increased requirements for shorter runs and late-stage differentiation.

OEMs often desire wider print widths for applications with wider downstream finishing options or to increase print efficiency by printing multiple print images simultaneously. The flexibility of DuraFlex modular technology ensures users can create the wider print widths they need to capture these opportunities.

In order to achieve wider print widths in single-pass printing, OEMs can stitch multiple printheads and modules together to create a printbar with the desired print width. Since printheads need to overlap to create stitch zones, the challenge is to keep all the printheads in perfect alignment and manage the individual stitch zones in between them. Memjet’s DuraFlex technology delivers the hardware, software and engineering support to create a custom print solution that delivers beautiful precision.

With DuraFlex, OEMs can stitch up to four A3+ printheads in a row to create print widths of up to 1270mm or 50in. With a drop size of 2.1 pL and a true print resolution of 1600 dpi, the DuraFlex aqueous pigment ink provides unrivaled inkjet print quality along with the durability needed to satisfy the most demanding markets.

As the demand for cost effective, digital single-pass print solutions drive new business opportunities for manufacturers, brands, and commercial print customers, DuraFlex technology ensures that OEMs can create solutions that capture those opportunities, including those in the wide format and packaging markets.

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