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The Printhead Reinvented

We didn’t just create a new printhead. We’re revolutionizing the print industry.

Printhead is up to 15x faster!

One Printhead. 70,400 jets. 700 million drops of ink.

Game-changing Technology

Game-changing speed. No moving parts. 5,000 patents. The Memjet printhead delivers stunning edge-to-edge color docs at prices eight times lower than most black and whites.

Memjet's exclusive printer head includes over 70,000 jets.
Faster than fast

Instead of a printhead that moves back and forth, our patented Waterfall Printhead Technology® seamlessly lays down 700 million color ink drops per second.

Affordable & efficient

Combine our revolutionary Memjet printhead technology and software with our specially-formulated inks, and you’re creating edge-to-edge color docs and labels while using less inks and energy.


One printhead does it all for all kinds of on-demand runs. Use one for color office docs. Stack three in a row for incredibly rich labels. Align them side-by-side for super fast wide format runs.

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Memjet controller chip and software
Build Memjet technology into your printers.

Gain a competitive advantage in your market and give your printers the speed and productivity that will make your customers’ jaw drop. Memjet is the only company that offers OEMs access to groundbreaking printing technology, delivering incredible speed and efficiency. Proven technology that is ready when you are. Make your printers not just fast, but category-leading fast.

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Business is moving faster than ever. Your printer should too.

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Memjet launches new page-wide color inkjet print engine

Memjet launches new page-wide color inkjet print engine

The Aspen engine will enable commercial presses to print 225 feet per minute. The company reported that the new print engine will "empower OEMs and commercial printers to control and customise colour printing", whilst delivering a "cost-effective, on-demand" service for manufacturers and production lines.

April 16, 2014 | Read more »

Memjet launches Aspen page-wide color inkjet print engine

Memjet launches Aspen page-wide color inkjet print engine

Memjet, a global leader in color printing technologies, has announced the launch of Aspen, a page-wide color inkjet print engine. Aspen is optimized for on-demand, high-quality color printing label and commercial presses, boasting speeds of 225 feet per minute, full dot control and flexible configurations for retro-fitting printers with digital capabilities.

April 15, 2014 | Read more »

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