Long life printhead and versatile modularity.


  • Printhead

    The new DuraLink™ printhead, with its 1600 dpi native resolution, 8.77 inches (222.8mm) width, 70,400 nozzles and 5 times nozzle redundancy, delivers enhanced durability, remarkable reliability and a winning ROI. Add aqueous pigment inks, and this new printhead becomes even more durable, with an output quality you’ve got to see to believe. Five nozzles address each pixel on the page, allowing a single nozzle-out to go virtually unnoticed in the printed image. And this quality is sustainable for an impressive 1 billion ejections per nozzle for each CMYK color.

  • Datapath

    Memjet’s powerful controller chip places the high-speed data pipeline under your control. This custom FPGA is designed for high performance, single-color printheads, enabling users to embrace dot-to-dot control of print data for extraordinary printing speeds up to 203.6 meters per minute (668.1 fpm).

  • Inks

    It took over five years to perfect the DuraLink™ ink formulation. Built to perform with the DuraLink™ printhead in high-speed inkjet printing solutions, this new ink provides an attractive combination of water fastness, light fade resistance, competitive gamut and image quality, and high reliability across a broad range of media. And it does it while maintaining the low-cost, short dry time and small drop-volume one would expect from a Memjet quality thermal inkjet printhead.

  • Modules

    The building blocks of a Memjet-powered DuraLink™ print solution, a series of modules, are constructed to enable supreme convenience when developing a print bar or a print engine subsystem. These range from printhead, maintenance and ink supply modules, to waste ink management, aerosol management, print engine supervisor, print bar interface and dongle dock modules—each ready to use, and all conveniently controlled via a System-On-Chip or integrated modular connectivity.

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