Why Memjet?

From a completely re-envisioned printhead design to our controller chip and software, each component has been engineered to deliver printing speeds unheard of in the inkjet world. If you're looking for technology to gain an edge from the competition—you've found it.

The Printhead

Memjet color printheads use what we call "Waterfall" technology. Simply put, our 70,400 jets per printhead shoot millions of ink drops per second. It's more energy efficient. It's more mechanically sound. The Memjet printhead is a radical shift in printhead design. It literally changes everything.

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Memjet printhead detail
Memjet Controller Chip

Controller Chip

When you create a printhead this fast, you need a processing chip just as fast. And since one didn't exist, we created our own. We reconfigured chip circuitry and engineering to make ours among the fastest in the world.

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Printheads and controller chips are only as good as the software that drives them. So we've developed software from the ground up to maximize speed, stability and efficiency.

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Memjet Software
Memjet Ink


You also need an ink that can keep up. Specially formulated for optimal printing at breakneck speeds, Memjet ink is quite possibly the most advanced ink ever created.

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Built for Speed

Over 10 years in the making and literally thousands of patents later, Memjet brings to the market the fastest inkjet technology of its kind. Every facet of the technology is built for high-speed, low-cost color printing. A printing revolution is underway, and Memjet is leading the charge.

Think Fast
Memjet printhead detail

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