Welcome to the Faster, More Affordable Future of Color Printing

Driven by a passion for invention and a desire to change an industry, Memjet has grown to become the global leader in color printing technologies that provide remarkable simplicity, speed and profitability.

Memjet does not make printers. Instead, the company is focused on making printers better by supplying innovative technologies and components to OEM partners across the printing industry, including blistering-fast printheads that are supported by Memjet controller chips, software and ink. The Memjet printhead uses unique "waterfall" technology to pour ink on the page via 70,000+ ink nozzles, enabling vivid color printing as fast as one page per second.

Everything Memjet does is focused on helping its manufacturing partners build their businesses on the real promise of speed, efficiency and affordability. Memjet is changing the way businesses print, and in some cases, the technology is even creating entirely new business opportunities. By enabling full-color printing at the speed of production, businesses are able to reduce or eliminate storage and shipping costs; full-color labels can now be printed on-demand with variable data; and short runs can now be printed affordably, for a low total cost of ownership.

Memjet technologies are ideal for a range of printing applications, however the company is active in these core markets: Desktop, Production and Wide Format. The company maintains its corporate office in San Diego, with offices in Dublin, Sydney, Taipei, Singapore and Boise, Idaho.

A History of Innovation

  • More than a decade ago, a small team of inquisitive Australian scientists asked a seemingly obvious but overlooked question: Is there a better, faster, more efficient way to print color documents? 
  • The team spent three years with Silverbrook Research labs rethinking previous assumptions about color printing.
  • A new printing technology paradigm was created based on page-wide, single-pass printing (what we call "waterfall" printing) that utilizes ink-based printheads, 1600 dpi quality (better than a human's vision), 1 pico-liter drop sizes, and a minimum of 54,400 ink nozzles per A4/letter sized printhead (8.5 inches x 1600 drops per inch).
  • Through a business partnership with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), Silverbrook Research fabricated and tested over 1,000 different nozzle designs to select a handful that met requirements for performance, power, stability, drop ejection, longevity, yield and other characteristics.
  • March 2007: This date marked the first demonstration of a Memjet printing system that integrated printheads, controller chips, ink and software. 
  • In 2009, Memjet components were first made available to OEM brands and other technology partners.
  • Memjet-powered office and labels solutions were first unveiled in 2011, with wide format emerging in the first half of 2012. 
  • Today Memjet technologies are protected by more than 3,500 global patents with 175 patents pending.