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Watch as Memjet’s Kevin Shimamoto highlights the advantages of 3D printing powered by Memjet. 

From Preprinted Shells to Full Color Documents

In our last post, we told you about the transactional printing shop Laser Print Plus (LPP). Using the Super Web WEBJet™ 200D, LPP is able to move away from preprinted shells and produce the entire document on demand, in full color. As a…

LIVE FROM DRUPA with Trojanlabel

Trojanlabel’s Mikkel Wichmann talks about how their new TrojanThree overprinter in enabling OEMs and integrators to provide solutions for a variety of media types and applications.

LIVE FROM DRUPA with Delphax

The remarkable speed, resolution and flexibility of the Elan 500 is enabling OEMs and end users to take part in the inkjet revolution. Watch this interview with Delphax’s Steve Hubbard to see how. 


Nathan Daniel reveals how Afinia’s range of digital solutions are enabling small and medium-sized businesses to produce high-quality printed materials quickly, easily and affordably. Watch the short video here.

LIVE FROM DRUPA with New Solution

Watch as New Solution’s Eloi Ferreira discusses the advantages of the flexible, affordable and user friendly NS PRO label solution. 

New Applications, New Business

In our last post, we took a look at the advances in inkjet technology. In this post, we’ll look at how these advances are disrupting the old business models of print, enabling printers large and small to offer applications they may…

Inkjet presses set to capture more offset volumes

PODi General Manager Dave Earlandson recently published a thoughtful post on the opportunities that can be created with digital inkjet printing solutions. In keeping with the theme of our recent posts, we’ve published an excerpt of Dave’s post here. To…

Your Digital Solution is Closer Than You Think

Thinking of getting into digital, but are not sure your operation is ready to make the transition? A retrofit solution could be right for you. Memjet’s inkjet technology powers retrofit solutions that are bringing new life to legacy printing presses….

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