Low total cost of ownership.

Memjet enhances your speed, improves your quality, and expands your range of applications—for a total cost of ownership that’s less than you’d expect.

Manufacturing-ready solution.

At print speeds of 6 inches (150mm) or 12 inches (300mm) per second, the Memjet Wide Format print engine is a manufacturing-ready solution for OEM partners.

Print your packaging in-house.

Affordable short runs are finally a reality. Now you can print custom signage, packaging and other wide format solutions on-demand at breakneck speeds… without breaking the bank.

Case Study:

Hay Bazak meets deadlines 50% faster without compromising quality.

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Productivity just went through the roof

This revolutionary technology delivers vivid architectural and engineering documents, maps, indoor signage, P-O-P displays, packaging, folding carton, corrugated boxes, newspapers and more. Watch the video to see it in action.

Memjet wide format datasheet preview

Memjet Wide Format datasheet

This take-away gives you the basics for Memjet Wide Format
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