Take a closer look at today’s book publishing trends and the role digital printing plays in creating new opportunities for print service providers.

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Creating Safe, Sustainable Food Packaging with the Right Ink

As demand for packaging continues to grow and strengthen, partly due to the pandemic, digital printing is uniquely positioned to produce the customized, sustainable, recyclable packaging needed to meet the demand of brands and consumers. When it comes to food...
Categories: Memjet Technology, Innovation

Labels and Packaging TOP 10 TRENDS Shaping the Year Ahead

As we near the end of the first month of 2021, it is clear that this year will be a time of change. While it will be months before we return to what economists would call normal, the vaccine's availability,...
Categories: Innovation

Emerging Trends in Digital Label Production

The pandemic caused steep declines in orders across many print sectors. But label production tells a different story: expansion. The majority of products purchased by consumers have some form of a label. Increased demand for consumer products – like that...
Categories: Innovation