2018 Print Industry Trends: Year In Review

August 9, 2018

As we move into the second half of the year, Memjet CEO Len Lauer sat down with Printing Impressions editor Mark Michelson to discuss the print industry trends that drove the first half of 2018 and offer a preview for what lies ahead.

Here’s a short preview of their conversation:

To start, there’s good reason to feel optimistic. The economy is growing, renewing optimism for both consumers and business. Positive economic news on the marco level is making its way to the print market, where suppliers and printers feel a sense of hopefulness that has not been experienced for several years.

How can printers get in on this growth?

The answer, research shows, is digital printing. Developments in inkjet technology combined with its lower capital and running costs, are presenting new market opportunities for both OEMs and their customers. Printers are also beginning to understand that digital media is no longer a threat; it is an opportunity. Creating the personalized communications that enable the convergence of digital and print requires digital printing capabilities.

What’s ahead?

Memjet is working with our OEMs to develop capabilities that can achieve longer print runs at more competitive costs. We are also working on new inks, new speeds, and new capabilities that are becoming new requirements for the print industry.

You can read the full Q&A on the Printing Impressions website.

What Can Memjet
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