Adaptability – inkjet printing holds the key to success in 2018

February 21, 2018

The promise of inkjet technology is that it enables printers to improve customer loyalty and enter new markets. But in this global print culture of rapid innovation, the next trend driven by inkjet printing is already here: adaptability.

Inkjet print solutions allow printers to test new tools and materials to generate end pieces that can empower them to be successful in 2018: from new substrates like flexible packaging to carton board, printers can affordably test and ultimately adopt the latest changes that meet customer expectations, driving customers to keep coming back for more. In addition, the versatility of inkjet printing expands the print provider’s access to markets essential for businesses today, such as e-commerce.

For package printers, customized, high-quality package printing is necessary to meet the demands of the everyday online shopper and create an unboxing experience that goes far beyond the limited emotions brought by a generically-printed package, or worse yet, a plain brown box.

As the print industry progresses in 2018, new digital print trends and emerging challenges in several markets will require high-power digital inkjet printing solutions, such as DuraLink. The changing printing industry will continue to grow in its need for inkjet printing solutions

Inkjet technology is the fastest growing segment of the print industry and is expected to grow to a $12.6 billion global market in the next three years. With developing digital print innovations, the adoption rates of inkjet printing will continue to climb in 2018.

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