Coffee Never Looked So Hot – The Power of Flexible Packaging

June 16, 2018

Anyone who has waited in line at Starbucks knows that coffee has become a very personal decision. Care for a grande, half-caf, skinny, low-foam latte?

Italian coffee retailer 101CAFFÉ knows a thing or two about coffee’s trend toward personalization. From its headquarters in Milan, Italy, 101CAFFÉ distributes high-quality coffee from over 800 Italian coffee roasters to a network of specialty shops located in Italy, Switzerland, Singapore, Kuwait City and spreading all over the world. Watch their story now!

“Today, there is no longer a single coffee,” says Umberto Gonnella, CEO at 101CAFFÉ. “Consumers want to be able to choose coffee with an intensity that reflects their taste and expresses their tradition.”

The success of 101CAFFÉ comes from its ability to provide extraordinary coffees and related products customized to the specific tastes of a region.

Agile Production of Flexible Packaging

The success of the company had led to a challenging problem with their packaging: 101CAFFÉ relied on a manual process for packaging its products, which was complicated and often resulted in difficulties with stock supplies, scheduling, and reorders.

“We have 1400 product references. Clearly, with this depth of range, the only answer was to have a technological tool that would allow us to be extremely agile in the creation and production of our packaging,” says Umberto.

To achieve that goal, the company chose the Rigoli MVZ950.

Flexible Packaging Becomes Part of the Process

Using the MVZ digital printer allows 101CAFFÉ to produce its flexible packaging on demand and customize it based on the type of coffee and the region to which it will be shipped.

“Digital technology has changed the way we print and the way we pack,” continues Mr. Gonella. “Having integrated live printing in real-time with our packaging has truly resulted in something extraordinary. We can adapt quickly to meet the needs of consumers and what they expect to see even in a package. Our designers make a change, and we immediately see it on the shelf.”

101CAFFÉ estimates that in less than three years, the MVZ will generate a positive return on investment.

Transforming Flexible Packaging Production

The Rigoli MVZ brings together a unique combination of affordability, functionality, and quality that makes it unlike any other solution on the market. The small footprint of the MVZ, and its lower cost of ownership, mean it can be easily integrated into any operation or placed in-line with finishing equipment.

Despite its low cost of entry, the MVZ produces a level of print quality needed to create packaging with shelf appeal that connects with the consumer. Using the MVZ, brands like 101CAFFÉ are able to realize a faster return on their investment based on increased productivity, lower inventory, and reduced scrap costs.

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