EFI and Memjet: Creating Opportunities in Today’s Commercial Print Market

July 13, 2019

EFI and Memjet: Creating Opportunities in Today’s Commercial Print Market

The recent announcement of a partnership between EFI and Memjet got a lot of attention last week—and for good reason. Combining EFI’s Fiery® digital front ends (DFEs) with the growing portfolio of presses powered by DuraLink creates a powerful resource for printers who seek to compete in today’s print market.

Many in the industry regard the Fiery DFE as one of the world’s most successful and reliable print servers for production-class digital printing. DuraLink is a modular printing technology that combines printheads, inks, data paths, and modules to give OEMs the resources to power solutions for high-volume print markets, including commercial, industrial, and packaging print markets.

As a result of this partnership, devices created by DuraLink OEM partners have access to EFI’s most advanced digital production software platform, the Fiery FS350 Pro. 

Together, these printing technologies address the biggest challenges in commercial printing: color and imaging, productivity, variable data, advanced workflow management, and profitability.

Color Quality and At High-Speed

DuraLink gives OEM partners the technology to build customized presses with speeds of up to 668 feet per minute (203 meters per minute), one to eight colors simplex or duplex, and offset-like print quality up to 1600 x 1585 dpi. 

Combining DuraLink’s image quality and speed with the Fiery DFE’s industry-leading color profiling and control ensures printers achieve the best color quality without sacrificing speed or performance.

“Memjet developed DuraLink to provide the superior image quality at high speeds,” says Marc Johnson, Global Product Manager at Memjet. “Partnering with EFI ensures the integrity of Memjet’s high print quality while providing the speed printers need to increase efficiency and enhance their productivity.”

Customer Requirements

This partnership also supports printers in their efforts to better meet today’s print customers’ evolving requirements.   

Utilizing the Fiery DFE capabilities means DuraLink users can produce versioned and variable print runs at engine-rated speed, adding the value of customization to the printed products they produce.

The Fiery DFE lets DuraLink users meet requirements for brand colors and extended-gamut applications featuring extended ink sets. Users can also make on-the-fly corrections and late-stage color edits at the DFE for uninterrupted production.

Complete Workflow Management

The partnership between EFI and Memjet provides DuraLink users with access to the Fiery DFE’s powerful workflow tools.  

“As printers look to achieve greater efficiency, the first area they look at is their workflow,” continues Johnson. “The Fiery DFE supports DuraLink users in their quest for efficiency, going beyond just the RIP, and providing complete workflow management—from job submission and makeready to MIS and finishing. The end result is improved operations, faster production, and greater profitability.”

Better Together

The partnership with EFI is a continuation of Memjet’s commitment to fostering partnerships that deliver opportunities to our OEM partners and to the end-user customers today and for the life of the relationship.

EFI currently partners with many existing Memjet OEM partners, so this partnership builds on those relationships. Memjet also partners with Xitron, and the relationship with EFI does not replace, but supplements that partnership.

“Memjet now offers a range of front-end solutions partners to address both entry-level and high-volume production requirements. As we continue to add more OEM partners to the Memjet family, we have the confidence that these partnerships will support those relationships, and the printing community as a whole,” concludes Johnson.

What Can Memjet
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