Empowering Customization at Each Stage of the Packaging Journey

May 31, 2018

Digital printing is now attracting attention from many different packaging sectors. As the package has become part of the marketing mix, product marketers, packaging developers, and brand managers are all expressing a growing interest in digital print along their packaging journey.

Their enthusiasm is justified: digital printing enables these users to capture opportunities and meet the demands of consumers who want products that cater to their tastes and choices.

You can see the results of these trends in many different packages: 

-The e-commerce company that produces a customized “unboxing” experience for their customers

-The small food or beverage company that produces customized labels and packaging to promote the products they create locally

-The large brand that wants to create a connection by including the consumer’s name or other personalized message as part of the package

Customized Packaging at Each Step

These changes in the packaging industry are driving change in the types of solutions used to print the package. For many users, that means the adoption of digital print solutions.

According to research firm Smithers Pira, analog packaging has grown by 28 percent in the 2008–2018 period. Digitally produced packaging, however, is expected to increase by 375 percent by the end of this year.

That’s because digital printing is now being used at each step in the package production process. From earlier-stage production of corrugated and cartons to late-stage customization that is part of a manufacturer’s production line, digital is assuming an increased share of the package production market.

Memjet keeps pace with these trends. As our smaller, less expensive packaging solutions gain traction in the market, they drive the development and the performance for larger solutions.

Our technology can be found in the small, powerful package printing solutions that give both manufacturers and providers of all sizes the resources they need to customize a range of packaging materials.

The release of DuraLink, our next-generation printing technology, now brings those same benefits to packaging markets that require high-volume printing. With DuraLink, production of these types of jobs will be faster, less expensive, and easier than had previously been possible.

Learn More

I’ll be talking more about the digital packaging at a presentation during the Smithers Pira Digital Print for Packaging Conference in Chicago. The presentation will take place on June 5 at 5:15 p.m. CST. For a sneak preview, watch the video below!

Joining me at the presentation will be Dennis TeGroothuis, CEO and President of Small Quantity Boxes. Dennis will discuss the new business opportunities he experienced producing short-run containers and packaging that large manufacturing centers could not fulfill. Dennis has a great small business and I invite you to review his capabilities. It may be a great opportunity for you to use innovative small volume and personalization boxes for you, family events, or your business needs.

If you won’t be at the conference, but would like a copy of my presentation, email Alicia Chavez at alicia.chavez@memjet.com and she’ll provide you with the materials and an overview of the packaging opportunity.

What Can Memjet
Technology Do For You?

Whether you are an OEM looking to integrate Memjet technology into your printing solution, a print provider looking for the right Powered by Memjet product or a brand owner who wants to use digital inkjet printing technology in new and interesting ways, we can help.