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September 13, 2019

The FireJet 4C by Kirk-Rudy is Powered by Memjet. It uses DuraFlex inkjet technology to support mailing and addressing, packaging, office and document plus commercial print applications.

Experts in the print industry talk a lot about the need for innovation in modern print markets.

For Memjet OEM partner Kirk-Rudy, innovation isn’t just a new idea—it’s been a driving force of the company’s operations for over fifty years.

Kirk-Rudy builds cost-effective machines, including feeding, labeling, transporting, attaching, inserting, and stacking systems. Since their founding 50 years ago, it has also expanded into such areas as RFID, vision, and software. In total, the company offers over 250 models of machines and has created over 2,500 special machines designed to meet specific market needs.

Inkjet is a particular area of focus for Kirk-Rudy. Although the company has been producing inkjet systems for nearly twenty years, it continues to innovate.

Kirk-Rudy developed its most recent innovation, the FireJet 4C Color Inkjet System, to give printers the resources to capitalize on new opportunities.

Powered by DuraFlex, Memjet’s newest printing technology, the FireJet 4C is a pigment-based aqueous printing system engineered to deliver increased speed and outstanding image quality at low cost.

This all-in-one printing system combines the heavy-duty transport Kirk-Rudy is famous for with the quality and reliability the industry expects from Memjet technology. Together, these features create a profitable alternative to the smaller desktop, toner-based digital color printers that are currently on the market.

The FireJet 4C can print A3+ and A4 cut sheets in full color (CMYK) at 1600 x 1600 dpi and can print at speeds up to 150 feet per minute. The newly designed user-replaceable printhead has been engineered to provide a longer life—approximately 120 liters—and outstanding image quality across a broad range of porous, uncoated offset, inkjet-treated and inkjet-coated media.

Take Control of Your Printing Opportunity

The DuraFlex-powered FireJet 4C gives print customers a low-risk way to move to inkjet or expand into other print markets.

Its broadly compatible ink set, combined with affordability, performance, and flexibility, means that several market segments and applications, including documents, packaging, labeling, and direct mail, can use the FireJet 4C.

Bob Mills, general manager of Kirk-Rudy, states, “We created the FireJet 4C to give providers the resources to bring high-speed color printing with near-offset quality to a range of markets, including documents, labels, direct mail, and packaging. The versatility of the solution, combined with its speed and quality, makes it a critical solution for providers who want to reach new markets without investing large amounts of time and resources.”

See It Live!

This fall, Kirk-Rudy will be showcasing the FireJet 4C as several events focused on these markets:


September 23—25, 2019
Las Vegas, Nevada
Booth: US 7411


October 3 – 5
Chicago, Illinois
Booth: 2236

Printing UNITED

October 23 -25
Booth: 11734

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